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Bench Top EDXRF Spectrometer, Secondary Targets - Genius IF

Bench Top EDXRF Spectrometer, Secondary Targets - Genius IF

Xenemetrix | Material Characterization, Spectroscopy, Chemical Identification

The Genius IF  benchtop XRF  analyzer is ideally suited for performing analysis of  Alloys, Environmental samples, Oils,  Diesel Fuel & Gasoline, Mining & Geological materials, Forensics samples, Authentication of  Precious Metals, Pharmaceutical materials and Biomedical samples.

Xenemetrix’s Genius IF  with secondary targets offers a cost-effective solution for  elemental analysis.  It  provides a non-destructive qualitative and quantitative determination from Carbon(6) to Fermium(100), providing detection limits from sub-ppm to high weight percent concentrations.

Key Features includes:

  • A fully integrated computer system with intuitive and powerful windows software package
  • A high resolution Slicon Drift Detector enables extremely high count rate applications  combined with energy resolution, down to 125eV;  highly suitable for both high and low z elements & LE thin polymer window for improved light elements analysis.
  • A powerful X-Ray tube with variable spot sizes, designed to accommodate samples of assorted sizes
  • Eight secondary targets and eight customizable tube filters for fast and accurate determination of trace and minor elements
  • Can also operate in classical direct excitation mode.
  • High count rates with improved resolution down to 125 eV.
  • SDD LE- Ultra thin detector window provides superior performance for both high and low Z elements.
  • Patented geometry combining 8 secondary targets with 8 customizable tube filters used in direct excitation mode, providing optimal excitation of all elements, detected by EDXRF.
  • Wide Angle Geometry (WAG), patented secondary target technique provides best results for major, minor and trace element analysis
  • X-ray tube excites the characteristic K lines of a secondary target (a pure metal)  which are used to excite the sample “monochromatically”.
  • Secondary targets used that lowers the detection limit of select elements.
  • Non-destructive elemental analysis Na (11) - U(92) from Sub- ppm to 100% concentrations.

Sample tray with 8/16 positions.


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