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Centurion CR4000R  Centrifuge

Centurion CR4000R Centrifuge

Centurion Scientific Ltd | Demo Equipment

CR4000R is a Medium Prime 1 litre max Refrigerated Centrifuge. It has a speed range of 500-15,000 rpm in 10 rpm steps, RCF max. 22,000 G.  Temperature range -9°C to 40°C, PID Controlled to + / -1°C.

Includes rotors:

BRK5510 4 x 250ml swing out rotor, 4000 rpm max (includes 4 x B5250 buckets)

Also includes AR650 adapter for 4 x 50 ml round tubes, and AV616 adapter for 40 x 4-7ml           round vacutainer tubes)

BRK5508L 8 x 15ml swing out rotor, 4,000 rpm max (includes buckets)

BRK5206 6 x 50 ml autoclavable rotor, 10,000 rpm max


Physical specifications:

Weight 62Kg (without rotor)

Dimensions HWD: 315 x 450 x 635mm

Electrical:  110V, 50/60 Hz, CSA Approved


BRK5510 rotorBRK5508L rotorBRK5206 rotor

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