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Dispersancy Tester DT100DL

Dispersancy Tester DT100DL

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Dispersancy is the property that allows oil to suspend and carry away pollutants of diverse sources such as soot from combustion, metallic particles from wear, corrosion of mechanical parts, and insoluble products resulting from the aging of the oil. The Blotter Spot Test dates back to the early 1950s. It is one of the oldest techniques used to identify excessive engine soot, evaluate a lubricant’s dispersancy, and detect the presence of glycol, fuel and other contaminants in engine crankcase lubricants. For large Fleet Operators and Oil Conditioning Monitoring Laboratories, this simple, yet powerful technique, can provide valuable information when used as a screening tool. Though this method has proven effective, individual subjectivity in readings and interpretation of oil spots effects the reliability of results.

To help oil analysts and engine diagnostic specialists take advantage of this valuable technique, AD systems, in cooperation with a lab dedicated to Oil Conditioning Monitoring (OCM), has developed a modern automatic instrument offering significant increases in accuracy and repeatability of measurements. This new technique removes all arbitrary aspects of manual spot interpretation. The DT100DL is the only instrument that automatically and simultaneously measures contamination index (content of sooty insoluble material in the oil) and provides unique information on oil dispersancy. This unique information helps to justify corrective actions and maintenance planning decisions. It is an integral part of the OCM programs for in-service lubricants.

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