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Dynamic Adsorption Breakthrough Analyzer dynaSorb BT

Dynamic Adsorption Breakthrough Analyzer dynaSorb BT

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The dynaSorb BT™ series provides unique capabilities to investigate arbitrarily complex dynamic sorption processes in a uniquely safe and easy-to-use bench-top instrument. Technical adsorbents such as zeolites, active carbons, silica gels, etc. can be investigated under authentic process conditions in a broad temperature (-20 °C to 400 °C) and pressure (up to 10 bar) range, with adjustable gas flow rates up to 40 L/min and well-defined gas compositions.

  • Determination of breakthrough curves
  • Investigation of kinetic performance of adsorbents
  • Investigation of co-adsorption and displacement phenomena
  • Determination of sorption selectivity
  • Reasonable downscaling of technical separation processes
  • Dynamic adsorption and desorption experiments
  • Determination of single- and multi-component adsorption data


The stainless-steel adsorber can accommodate large sample amounts (up to 100 ml) to simulate an authentic fixed bed adsorber with realistic gas flow conditions. Four temperature sensors along the adsorber axis monitor the release, consumption and propagation of heat due to adsorption/desorption of gas molecules. The direction of gas flow through the adsorber can be switched between up- and down-stream to investigate bed regeneration and adsorption-desorption cycles. Sample preparation can be done in-situ in inert gas flux and temperatures up to 400 °C. Tempering of the inlet gas and the adsorber allows for uncompromised temperature control throughout the measurement. High precision mass flow controllers are used for quick and stable gas mixing and flow rate control. The adsorber pressure can be regulated up to 10 bar.

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Fully automated control via PC with Windows based Software
  • Sequential adsorption and desorption experiments
  • In-situ sample preparation
  • Countercurrent gas flow
  • Automated regulation of the adsorber pressure up to 10 bar
  • Up to 4 high precision mass flow controllers
  • Automated built-in gas mixing
  • Measurement of inlet and outlet gas composition
  • Pre-tempering of inlet gas and tempering of adsorber
  • Monitoring of inlet gas temperature
  • Determination of heat profiles in the adsorber with four temperature sensors
  • Monitoring of pressure drop along the adsorber
  • Built-in Thermo Conductivity Detector (TCD)
  • Optional gas analysis via interfaced Mass Spectrometer
  • Safety guard sensor for flammable gases for automatic shut down
  • Enhanced Safety by intelligent illuminated workspace
  • 1 Adsorber
  • Number of mass flow controllers: 2 are standard and 3 or 4 optional
  • Maximum pressure 10 bar
  • Sample preparation: In-situ
  • Temperature range heating mantle – ambient to 400 °C
  • Temperature range of circulating bath – 20 °C to 90 °C
  • Dimensions: 80 cm H x 95 cm W x 60 cm D

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