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Filtration Unit  for AOAC Enzymatic Method- CSF6

Filtration Unit for AOAC Enzymatic Method- CSF6

VELP Scientifica | Sample Preparation - Organic

Filtration and a washing phase is defined in the last step of the enzymatic AOAC method 985.29 for dietary fiber extraction.

The CSF 6 automated filtration unit is used in combination with the GDE Enzymatic total dietary fiber analysis digester- post run. A key benefit is a considerable reduction of the  time required, when compared  with  manual  filtration methods.

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Large open top glass funnel design facilitates the introduction of the digested sample and solvents into the instrument. 
  • Vacuum manifold function speeds up both the filtering and final washing stages
  • Material of construction: Rugged epoxy painted stainless steel
  • Pumping system: High suction peristaltic action
  • Counter pressure: Electronic display

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