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DEMO DKL 8 Automatic Kjeldahl Digestion Unit

DEMO DKL 8 Automatic Kjeldahl Digestion Unit

VELP Scientifica | Demo Equipment

Demo unit in like-new condition, used for trade show displays only.

Incorporates the revolutionary TEMS™ technology for unprecedented Savings in terms of:

  • Time Saving: from Ambient to 420 °C in only 22 minutes
  • Energy – consumption reduced by as  much as 35%
  • Money savings  resulting in reduced costs per analysis
  • Space Savings with small footprint design

Key Features:

  • Built in microprocessor enables full control of the block temperature & electronic auto-calibration system ensures excellent reliability and repeatability of analysis.
  • LCD Graphic Display allows access to all the data including the multi-language library and the 54 programs available, 24 of which are user-programmable.
  • Compact with a narrow footprint for optimum use of space on the lab bench. In compliance with GLP (Good LaboratoryPractice), data can be printed or stored in a PC.
  • Neutralization of fumes produced during the digestion is accomplished with recommended JP Pump and SMS Scrubber.
  • Temperature Ambient to 420 C in less than 22 minutes.

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