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HT3000A is the most compact, fastest liquid autosampler on the market, designed for gas-chromatographic techniques.  HTA is the first to offer a GC liquid autosampler with a large, full-colour touch screen interface, providing easier system accessibility and usability - in fact, the touch screen eliminates drilldown, simplifying instrument control.  HT3000A is available in the standard version with 121 positions for 2ml vials, while optional racks are also available.  It can be easily installed on all GC and GC/MS systems available on the market through its flexibility and modular configuration. It can be configured to serve up to two injectors. 

Key Benefits

  • Most compact autosampler on the market, with maximum sample capacity – up to 209
  • 1 turret serves 2 injectors
  • Fastest liquid autosampler on the market
  • Rotating tower leaves injector port free for manual injection or maintenance, and keeps samples away from heat source

Easy to use, low maintenance

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