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Automated Electric Fluxer Katanax

SPEX SamplePrep | Sample Preparation - Inorganic

Single-position fully automated electric fusion machine with atypical sample throughput of 5-7 samples per hour. Ideal for preparing fused beads for XRF analysis and solutions for AA, ICP,and wet chemistry analysis. Patent Pending.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Automated control of fusion parameters including heating time and temperature, mixing time and rate, cooling time for glass disks or stirring time for solutions.
  • Fusion without FlamesTM - does not use propane or LPG.
  • Includes built-in and customizable fusion methods.
  • Independent heaters for the crucible and mold enable optimal temperature control and homogenization.
  • Multi-lingual, foolproof fusion method development wizard for creating customized recipes.
  • Prepare glass disks for XRF or solutions for AA, ICP, and wet chemistry analysis.
  • Real-time temperature display.
  • Single-position fully automated electric fusion machine.
  • Throughput of 5-7 samples/hour.
  • User-adjustable holding temperature to minimize ramping time.

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