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Dumas Nitrogen Analyzer NDA 701/702

Dumas Nitrogen Analyzer NDA 701/702

VELP Scientifica | Sample Preparation - Inorganic, Sample Preparation - Organic

The NDA 701,is a high productivity Dumas Nitrogen Analyzer for determining total nitrogen analysis and designed to accept up to 4 disk trays that accommodate 30 sample positions in each. It is suitable for both liquids and solids using the same loading procedure.

Performing precise nitrogen and protein determination in a flash, it is the best solution for high throughput labs offering full automation with a touch of a button to process samples 24/7 while offering superior LOD of 0. 003 mg N and RSD’s less than 0.5 %.

The NDA 702  offers the same high throughput as the NDA 701 along with the choice to use either Helium or Argon carrier gas that guarantees even lower LOD’s down to 0.001 mg N (Helium) and 0.01 mg N (Argon) and RSD’s less than 0.5%

VELP’s commitment to environmental protection Incorporates TEMS™ Technology in its design of the NDA 701/ 702 resulting in major savings including:

  • Time: Unparalleled productivity, results in 3-4 minutes
  • Energy Low energy consumption
  • Money Limited cost per analysis, less gas and reagent used (LoGas™ and DriStep™)
  • Space Saving: Just one slim unit required for the whole analysis

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