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Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzer - High Speed NOVAtouch™

Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzer - High Speed NOVAtouch™

Quantachrome Instruments | Material Characterization, Surface Area and Pore Size

The NOVATouch™ is a high speed surface area and pore size analyzer. Built on the success on the previous model the NOVA™, it is conveniently operated with a robust color touch screen interface without requiring a dedicated PC. It is available in both Standard and Advanced LX models, which both include 1 to 4 analysis stations and compatible with multiple gases. Widespread applications include pharmaceutical Catalysts, Ceramics, Energy, Carbon, Pharmaceutical and Zeolites.

Key features and specifications

  • Dosing algorithms and additional pressure transducers enable high speed results
  • Continuous Po  measurements improve precision and resolution for detailed pore size analysis
  • Advanced level sensor design ensures cold zone volume minimization resulting in superior analysis sensitivity
  • Patented Helium free mode
  • Vacuum  and flow degassing capabilities
  • Internal Vacuum pump with optional turbo vacuum
  • Quick connect/ disconnect of circulation baths and sample cells
  • Analysis temperature range of – 20 °C up to 100 ° C
  • Regulated Thermostat manifold  40° C to 100° C
  • Full complement of data reduction and display methods

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