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Oxidation Stability Tester OXITEST AOAC approved

Oxidation Stability Tester OXITEST AOAC approved

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The OXITEST, now an approved standard international method -AOCS Cd 12c-16, works directly on the whole sample without the need for preliminary fat separation, and is suitable for the determination of the quality and the state of preservation of the food sample.

An extremely simple and intuitive instrument equipped with two separate titanium chambers in order to analyze the same sample in duplicate or different samples at the same time and under the same conditions.

The oxidative stability of the sample is determined by accelerating the oxidation process using high temperatures (from 20 to 110 °C) and a pre-determined oxygen pressure. Oxygen is consumed during fat oxidation and the time required for this to take place is monitored inside the OXITEST along with measuring the pressure inside the cell at intervals. These parameters are plotted on a curve and once oxidation stars, a sudden drop in pressure occurs which causes the curve to decrease and it is at the X/Y axis intercept or Induction Period (IP) The Induction Period is the time required to reach the starting point of oxidation, corresponding to either a level of rancidity or a sudden change in the rate of oxidation. Intuitive user friendly software controls the entire process and permits the recording of sample data to a database, compare test results and export the data to an Excel file for further reporting.

Key Features:

  • The OXITEST tests the whole sample directly, without the need of fat separation that can affect reliability.
  • Two separate titanium chambers permit running a sample either in duplicate or different sample types simultaneously. Titanium with its low oxidation, high resistance and chemical compatibility permits a wide range of test conditions making it ideal for this application.
  • The new OXITEST™ is run by powerful software that meets the most demanding of requirements including many applications such as:
    • Repeatability test
    • Freshness test
    • Formulas comparison
    • Packaging comparison
    • IP during ageing
    • Estimated shelf life
  • Up to 4 OXITEST units can be managed by the same software, for a maximum productivity.

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