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Solvent Extractor SER 148 Series

Solvent Extractor SER 148 Series

VELP Scientifica | Sample Preparation - Organic

Solvent extraction is used to determine soluble fats, detergents, plasticizers and pesticides in food, animal feeds, detergents, rubber and plastic formulas, pharmaceutical products, soil. Soxhlet extraction is one of the most widely used analytical techniques and adaptations of the technique have been introduced over time in order to reduce lengthy extraction times achieved by increasing the temperature of the solvent used. The Velp Series solvent extractors operate according to the Randall technique and offer three main advantages over the Soxhlet technique:

1. Up to 5 times faster than Soxhlet (hot vs. cold solvent)
2. Low solvent consumption (high solvent recovery)
3. Limited cost per analysis

Key Features and Specifications

  • Reproducibility (RSD):  ≤ 1%
  • Solvent recovery from 50 to 75 %
  • Maximum volume extraction cup: 150ml
  • Number of programs 29
  • Working temperature: from 100 to 260  °C
  • Cooling water 2 l/min
  • Sample qty 0.5g to 15g (average 2-3g)
  • Solvent volume 30- 100 ml
  • Variable set points from 0 – 999 minutes for immersion, washing and recover times

SER 148 is available in the following configurations:
SER 148/3, a 3-position solvent extraction system
SER 148/6, a 6-position solvent extraction system

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