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Automatic Distillation & Titration System Kjeldahl Nitrogen UDK 159

Automatic Distillation & Titration System Kjeldahl Nitrogen UDK 159

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The UDK 159 is a fully automatic Kjeldahl distillation unit, with built in titrator and well suited for applications such as ammonia, nitrogen, protein, nitrogen content (Kjeldahl or direct alkaline distillation), nitric nitrogen (after reduction), phenols, volatile fatty acids, cyanides, alcohol content and Devarda nitrogen determination. It performs in accordance with AOAC, EPA, DIN and ISO such as 976.06, 892.01, 979.09 and more!

Key Features:

  • UDK 159 distillation unit features a touch screen on board microprocessor with multitasking software. Enables user defined settings for additions of water, boric acid and sodium hydroxide, distillation time and steam generation output.
  • A 55-program library (31 pre-defined + 24 customizable) covers the needs of both research and contract type laboratories.
  • Enables downloading of results to both pen drive or PC. The .xls format permits operators to use other types of custom and widely used software for extracting reports offering maximum flexibility.
  • High-precision pumps ensure constant accurate dosing of reagents & cooling water is automatically stopped during pauses to reduce water consumption.
  • Patented steam generator offers high performance, safety (no pressure inside) and is maintenance free.
  • Titanium constructed condenser reduces water consumption and ensures the distillate temperature remains below the threshold value 35 °C maintaining the nitrogen content.
  • Maintenance free, highly durable, chemically resistant techno polymer splash head design

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