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Water and Organic Vapor Sorption Analyzer VSTAR™

Water and Organic Vapor Sorption Analyzer VSTAR™

Quantachrome Instruments | Material Characterization, Surface Area and Pore Size

The VSTAR™ from Quantachrome performs water sorption kinetics and percent water uptake that are of interest to material scientists interested in exploring how water sorption impacts material characteristics, shelf life, performance, and stability. Water sorption behavior plays an important role in the development, use, and stability of many common and advanced materials. Some common examples of applications and uses of water sorption analysis include: stability of pharmaceutical excipients and API, drying and storage of grains, texture and shelf life of food products, PEM fuel cell componenets, Mortar and grout and other cementitious materials, paper and coatings and more!

The VSTAR™ is available in 1 up to 4 sample stations with a wide range of options provides unprecedented throughput, superior manifold temperature control along with wider sample temperature ranges and an option for high vacuum provide maximum flexibility of analysis including microporous materials.

Key features and specifications

  • Dosing manifold and vapor source in a single thermostatically controlled chamber
  • PC control via Windows® based software
  • Interlocked door to prevent opening during experiment
  • Cold trap to prevent vapors
  • Measures quantitative uptake of vapor as a function of relative press and humidity  (adsorption-desorption isotherms )with user defined thermostatically controlled temperature
  • Circulating bath with temperature control of - 20°C to 100 °C ± 0.01 °C
  • Optional low temperature range extended to – 40 °C

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