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ATS Scientific Appointed as Rigaku Raman Technologies exclusive Canadian Distributor

March 4, 2014

ATS Scientific Inc. is proud to announce their appointment as Rigaku Raman Technologies exclusive Canadian Distributors for their handheld and portable Raman Spectrometers.

Rigaku Raman Technologies is a leading innovator of handheld and portable Raman Spectrometer products and have set new benchmarks in molecular spectroscopy by providing advanced analytical solutions that offer multiple laser excitation options - 785 nm and/or 1064 nm. Their best in class 1064 nm laser excitation spectrometers are used in chemical verification, laboratory research, counterfeit screening, security and narcotics identification. Users can simply point and scan through colored glass, plastic or other materials and obtain both qualitative and quantitative data with the Chemometrics software option.

Clients include Academia, Chemical Manufacturing, Law Enforcement, Narcotics, Pharmaceutical and more. ATS Scientific has reliably sold synergistic product lines to these clients for over 25 years and welcomes this newest addition.

Demonstration units are available for immediate evaluations and we look forward to the opportunity of illustrating the powerful applications with portable Raman Spectroscopy.