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New partnership with Manta Instruments, Inc., based in San Diego California

February 1, 2017

ATS Scientific Inc., along with HORIBA Instruments Inc., have been appointed as Manta Instruments authorized sales and service representatives. ATS will be the exclusive channel for the Canadian marketplace.

The Manta ViewSizer™3000 revolutionizes the particle characterization markets with its unique particle tracking technology that now allows users the capability to see individual nanoparticles and provides a total particle count over a very wide range. It is unmatched in the current marketplace when comparing it with other instruments in that it can be used to characterize polydispersed particles in liquids and easily resolves separate size modes in complex samples. Additionally, the kinetics of various particle processes such as aggregation, self-assembly, crystallization and dissolution can be visualized and quantified in real-time.

ATS Scientific has been successfully representing HORIBA Instruments for nearly 30 years by providing their particle characterization clients with sales and service. Their experience in combination with a diverse range of synergistic materials characterization instruments, makes this new addition an excellent fit and will offer both their existing and new clients, another solution to help them solve problems in Nanoparticle characterization.