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3Flex - Chemisorption Option

3Flex - Chemisorption Option

Micromeritics | Surface Area and Pore Size

With the chemisorption option, the 3Flex is configured to perform chemical adsorption analyses that enable the researcher to obtain valuable information about the physical or chemical properties of catalysts, catalyst supports, and a variety of other materials.

Features and Benefits:

  • VCR seals provide higher levels of system cleanliness, low outgas rates, and base pressures. The result is accurate low pressure chemisorption isotherms and the ability to measure oxygen-sensitive materials
  • Standard high-precision mass flow controller provides extremely accurate, programmable gas control
  • High-temperature furnace (up to 1100 °C) provides quick and accurate ramp rates to desired temperature with precise temperature control and repeatability (±1 °C)
  • A total of twelve gas inlets allow multiple probe gases to be investigated, maximizing efficiency and range ofapplications
  • Superior temperature control maintains accuracy and repeatability in monotonic isotherms
  • Design permits transition from chemisorption to micropore physisorption within seconds
  • New high-temperature, precision quartz cell improves accuracy and sensitivity for challenging analyses
  • Heated vapor can also be used as the adsorptive for chemical adsorption analyses
  • Kalrez, Viton, or Buna 0-rings provide maximum flexibility for chemical compatibility


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