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Asphalt Binder Analyzer  ABA 7/35B

Asphalt Binder Analyzer ABA 7/35B

Carbolite | Sample Preparation - Inorganic

The ABA 7/35B is designed to measure the asphalt binder content of hot mix asphalt as well as warm mix asphalt using loss on ignition in accordance with AASHTO T 308-10, ASTM D6307-10 & BS/EN 12697-39:2012.

The integral microprocessor driven weighing and calculation system is flexible enough to handle local variations upon the standard test method. Test result reports are available in both printed and software format. The high temperature afterburner minimizes the production of noxious fumes. Supplied complete with 2 sets of sample baskets

Key Features:

  • Fully compliant with the latest standards, including: AASHTO T 308-10, ASTM D6307-10, & BS/EN 12697-39:2004
  • Environmentally friendly compared with older solvent extraction methods.
  • Reduced emissions due to high temperature afterburner
  • Controlled via a multi-lingual touch screen interface
  • Automatic calculation of final sample weight & binder % result
  • Automatic capture & incorporation of the defined correction factors
  • Adjustable aggregate correction factor
  • Precise weight measurements displayed to 0.1 g resolution
  • Accomodates large sample sizes of up to 4.5 kg for more accurate results
  • Average test times from 20 mins for 6 mm aggregates, to 45 mins for 40 mm aggregates
  • Permanent (dot-matrix) printed reports with user configured timing
  • USB data output compatible with most spread sheets
  • Easy naming, storage & recall of recipes that can be easily transferred between ovens
  • Simplified menu structure with secure 'Supervisor' & 'Operator' settings

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