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Inert Atmosphere Minimum Space Oven

Inert Atmosphere Minimum Space Oven

Carbolite | Sample Preparation - Inorganic

The MFS Minimum Free Space Oven is used for the drying of coal and coke in a nitrogen enriched atmosphere and conforms to methods BS ISO 687:2010 "Solid mineral fuels - Coke - Determination of moisture" and BS ISO 11722:2013 "Solid mineral fuels - Hard coal - Determination of moisture".

An optional desiccator is available enabling samples to be maintained under a dry nitrogen atmosphere.

Key Features:

  • Max temp (°C) 210
  • Temp stability (°C) ±0.5
  • Temp uniformity (°C) ±5.0 @ 210°C
  • Dimensions: Internal - H x W x D (mm) 25* x 195 x 290 (* reduced to 22mm below the thermocouple)
  • Dimensions: External - H x W x D (mm) 185 x 490 x 450
  • Volume (litres) 1.4

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