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ASAP 2020 Plus - Physisorption Option

ASAP 2020 Plus - Physisorption Option

Micromeritics | Surface Area and Pore Size

Research grade results in a customer-configurable instrument to meet a wide variety of applications for mesopore, micropore, and low surface area applications

  • Programmable two-station degas system for automated SOP sample preparation
  • A dedicated P° sensor allows for a faster analysis and provides P° values at the same conditions as the adsorption measurement.
  • Six analysis gas inlets with dedicated vapour and helium free-space ports provide greater flexibility and automated selection of pretreatment, backfill, and analysis gases.
  • Proven Isothermal Jacket Cold Zone Control provides accurate, reproducible temperature maintenance.
  • Long duration and refillable dewar provides virtually unlimited time-of-analysis capability.
  • Standard, independent dual vacuum systems (one for analysis, one for sample pretreatment). Also available is an optional, oil-free system.
  • Proprietary transducer system provides unequalled stability, fast response, and low hysteresis for improved accuracy and signal to noise improvement.
  • Coated monolithic, temperature-controlled, stainless-steel manifold provides non-contaminating, inert surface areas.


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