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Bench Top EDXRF Spectrometer - X-Calibur

Bench Top EDXRF Spectrometer - X-Calibur

Xenemetrix | Material Characterization, Spectroscopy, Chemical Identification

The X-Calibur is a powerful, cost effective benchtop elemental analyzer successfully used in a wide range of industries including: Petrochemical, Polymers, Metallurgical, Alloys, Environmental, Oil, Fuels, Diesel & Liquids, Mining & Geological, Forensics, Authentication & Precious Metals, Pharmaceutical & Biomedical.

Key features include:

Powerful X-Ray tube with variable spot sizes to accommodate a wide range of sample dimensions/sizes. Unique front anode geometry combined with an advance optical design enable close coupling with the sample which results in increase sensitivity.

A high resolution detector

Software and integrated camera

Meets MIL 810E specifications for shock testing

Performs non-destructive qualitative and quantitative determination of Na (11) through U (92) from ppm up to 100 % concentrations.

Silicon Drift Detector(SDD) enables higher count rates, improved resolution, down to 125eV and faster response to minimize operational down time.

Optional Ultra-thin detector window provides superior performance for low Z elements (Light Element) analysis.

Six customizable filters for fast and accurate determination of trace and minor elements

Sample tray with 8/ 16 positions


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