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High Efficiency Micro Distillation BR800

High Efficiency Micro Distillation BR800

DC Scientific | Sample Preparation - Organic

This high efficiency, micro fractional distillation system is an ideal tool for automatically purifying or analyzing a wide range of materials where only very small amounts of sample are available. Common applications include:

  • Teaching Aid
  • Crude Oil Distillation
  • Petroleum Distillation
  • Close Boiling Point Separations
  • High Purity Fractional Distillation
  • Essential Oil Purification
  • Vacuum Distillation


  • All Glass and Teflon Components
  • 30 Theoretical Plates Distillation Column (maximum at atmosphere)
  • 10, 15, 25 ml boiler capacities
  • Automatic and Manually Operated Distillation Systems

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