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Flowsorb III- Surface Area Analyzer

Flowsorb III- Surface Area Analyzer

Micromeritics | Surface Area and Pore Size

The Flowsorb III 2305 / 2310 provides single-point and multipoint BET surface area measurements with speed, accuracy, and reliability. Samples having surface areas from 0.01 m2/g to over 1,000 m2/g are easily accommodated. The FlowSorb III measures surface area using the flowing gas method, which involves the continuous flow of an adsorptive and inert gas mixture over the sample at atmospheric pressure.


  • Ultra-stable detector eliminates drift and need for constant readjustment.
  • Cold trap conveniently located in front vs. side placement, as in other instruments. This placement reduces the chance of breakage as compared to side placement.
  • Single-injection calibration requires only one control setting. Adaptable to any non corrosive adsorbate mix.
  • All controls and displays are at eye/arm level, out of spill zone.
  • Built-in sample preparation.
  • The FlowSorb III 2310 features a built-in dewar elevator for completely automated analysis and rewarming fan for rapidly warming the sample tube to increase the speed of sample analysis
  • The thermal conductivity detector eliminates temperature-induced drift resulting in highly repeatable results.
  • Single-injection calibration provides fast start-up and high sample throughput.
  • The FlowSorb III 2305 features a dewar support latch system that provides one-hand convenience and safeguards against liquid nitrogen spills.

Five different types of sample tubes are available including a monolith-type tube for large samples.

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