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Particle Size Analyzer - Brownian Motion, Gravitational Settling - Manta Instruments ViewSizer™3000

Particle Size Analyzer - Brownian Motion, Gravitational Settling - Manta Instruments ViewSizer™3000

Manta Instruments | Material Characterization, Particle Size Analysis

The ViewSizer 3000™ uses innovative hardware and software to provide true distribution information for polydispersed nanoparticles in the range from 10 nm up to 2 um, something that is not possible with either Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) nor nanoparticle tracking analysis . Other distinct advantages include the ability to obtain information about concentration and particle kinectic processes such as: particle aggregation, dissolution, swelling, growth and shrinkage. Compared with other systems in the marketplace, the ViewSizer 3000™ offers serveal distinct advantages including no need for calibrations standards and without requiring any prior knowledge of the material's refractive index. 

How it works:

Particles are illuminated by 3 separate lasers and their scattering is imaged by a microscope objective while images captured by video. The resulting video shows the motion of each individual nanoparticle. By taking advantage of modern video cameras and computer speed, the motion of each particle is tracked to determine the diffusion coefficient, and, from that, the size of each particle.

  • Particle size range of 10 nm to 2 µm
  • Typical sample volume of 350 µL to 1 mL
  • Typical sample concentration: 5 x 10^6 to 2 x 10^8 particles/mL* (sample dependant)
  • Temperature (controlled) 10 °C to 50 °C, +/- 0.1 °C
  • Dimensions: 55 cm W x 66 cm D x 35 cm H
  • Mass 27 Kg
  • Operating Environment: 15 C to 30 C with < 85 % R
  • Visualization of particles
  • Accurate and reproducible measurements of:
  • Particle number concentration
  • Particle size distribution even for highly polydisperse samples
  • Particle kinetic processes such as: Particle aggregation, dissolution, swelling, growth and shrinkage rates
    • Battteries
    • Catalysts
    • Chemical Mechanical Polishing
    • Colloid Stability
    • Cosmetics
    • Ecotoxicology
    • Energy
    • Environmental Sciences
    • Exosomes, microvesicles, and other biological particles
    • Limnology
    • Metal Powders
    • Oceanography
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Pigments and Inks
    • Polymers
    • Protein Aggregation
    • Semiconductors
    • Viruses
    • Water Quality and Treatment

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