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Tamson ASTM D1298 for Density

Tamson ASTM D1298 for Density

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New! ASTM D1298 Standard Test Method

ASTM D1298 Standard Test Method for:

  • Density
  • Relative Density (Specific gravity)
  • American Petroleum Institute (API) Gravity of crude petroleum or liquid petroleum products by Hydrometer Method
    • Products must have a Reid Vapor Pressure of 26 lb or less

A Tamson TLC15-5 refrigerator circulates a cold flow through the double walls of the cylinders. The TLC15-5 maintains the bath temperature within ± 0.25°C of the test temperature required by the method. The PTFE valves ensure fast drainage and cleaning of the tube. The easily detachable leakage tray prevents sample spills on the workbench. The bracket offers full view of the hydrometer. Our special ASTM D1298 support eliminates the problem of mounting brackets and/or portions of the thermostatic bath blocking the view. The Tamson D1298 solution is a complete setup consisting of three glass cylinders, support and circulator. Our system offers a significant price advantage compared to other solutions based on a combination of a thermostatic bath with external chiller. The NEW! ASTM D1298 setup can also be used for ASTM D287 standard test method for API gravity of crude petroleum and petroleum products having a Reid Vapor Pressure of 26 psi (180 kPa) or less. For this method, the gravities are determined at 60°F.

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