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Total Nitrogen Analysis by Combustion -Xplorer N

Total Nitrogen Analysis by Combustion -Xplorer N

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The XPLORER N performs total Nitrogen combustion analysis by Chemiluminescence detection on a wide range of samples from Chemical manufacturing to Refinery Products.

It offers users ultimate in precision in combination with speed of analysis while maintaining accuracy. It’s analytical range of measurement covers low ppb up to high ppm’s.

It can be used on the widest range of petroleum sample types including solids, liquids, gases and LPG’s.

The XPLORER N meets Total Nitrogen ASTM methods D4629, D572,D6069, D7184

Key Features

  • Compact design, smallest footprint in today’s market
  • Short start-up time (less than 15 minutes)
  • Fast and precise measurement of solids, liquids, gases and LPG’s
  • Easy to use and intuitive user interface, operation software
  • Fast and easy switching between modules, resulting in high productivity
  • Complies with international standards like: ASTM, ISO, EN and IP
  • Optional auto samplers are available for solids, liquids, gases and LPG’s
  • Option to create calibration standards from a single stock solution
  • Minimal maintenance and optimal combustion and conditioning of gases results in near to zero downtime
  • Ultra-low detection limit, high stability and reliability due to the temperature controlled detectors and feedback loop

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