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ATS Scientific acquires exclusive distribution rights in Canada for the entire Microtrac MRB portfolio

January 20, 2023

We are pleased to announce that ATS Scientific Inc. has acquired the exclusive rights in Canada for the entire portfolio of Microtrac MRB.  The parent company of Microtrac MRB is the Verder Group, based in the Netherlands.  Microtrac MRB incorporates 3 brands under one umbrella.

Microtrac has been a leading provider of Laser Diffraction and Dynamic and Static Image Analysis, being the first company to commercialize this technique in the early 1970’s.  Current offerings include products such as the patented, synchronous camera image/multiple laser SYNC analyzer, and a truly portable FLEX dynamic light scattering analyzer.  The units are manufactured in York, Pennsylvania, USA.

Retsch Technology have been offering the Camsizer line of image analyzers for over 2 decades.  The successful patented dual camera technology allows for a wide range of analyses, and can often replace manual sieve analyses with superb correlations.  The latest entry in the Camsizer family is the new Camsizer 3D model, providing even more information to users.  These instruments are manufactured in Haan, Germany.

Bel Corp is a new entrant into North America with a full line of Gas adsorption technology instruments for popular measurement techniques such as BET and Pycnometry.  Manufacturing principally is in Osaka, Japan where they have been an industry leader with these products as well as laser diffraction.  They have had a successful launch in Europe over the last few years, and now look forward to great opportunities in North America.

ATS Scientific has worked with Microtrac and Retsch Technology for many years, and we are pleased to announce that we are now exclusive in Canada for the complete Microtrac MRB products, and we look forward to continuing to support your analytical requirements with these great products! 

More to come!