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ATS Scientific Inc offers a wide range of analytical instrumentation and technologies. As part of our on-going commitment to our customers, we offer the following post installation services.

Onsite training at your facility

Our product managers and technical service staff can offer training courses at your facility for our complete product line. Training courses are customized to suit your needs, choose from half day or complete day training courses to train your staff on advanced instrument operation and applications.

Training at ATS Scientific corporate headquarters

Our technical staff offer training courses in our Burlington, Ontario head office. Theoretical and application training is offered in our state of the art training room, along with hands on instrumentation training in our demonstration lab.


ATS Scientific Inc and our instrument manufacturers offer webinars on an on-going basis, please contact our technical department to learn about upcoming webinars. Training videos are also readily available for many of our products.


To keep our valued clients updated with product innovations and new applications available for our broad range of instruments, we offer complimentary on-site Lunch and Learn sessions. Alternately, we welcome your ideas on topics that would be of interest and can offer customized workshops or webinars on sample preparation or on analytical challenges you may have. Please contact us with your suggestions.

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Carbon / Sulfur Analyzer ELEMENTRAC CS-i

June 19, 2024

The elemental analyzer ELEMENTRAC CS-i measures the carbon and sulfur concentration in predominantly inorganic samples through combustion in an induction furnace and the subsequent analysis of the gaseous combustion products carbon dioxideand sulfur dioxide.

The high temperature of more than 2000 °C ensures complete decomposition of the sample and thus reliable and accurate elemental analysis over a wide concentration range.

The ELEMENTRAC CS-i meets and exceeds the requirements of all common standards for carbon and sulfur measurement, such as ASTM E1019, DIN EN ISO 153.

Product Advantages

  • Control of induction performance provides precise analysis of low-melting metals
  • Heated dust trap allows for improved sulfur detection
  • Platinum-based catalyst reactor ensures accurate carbon detection
  • Carrier gas flow optimized for dusty samples
  • Software-based leakage test
  • Optional vacuum system, also available with dust filter class H for potentially harmful samples
  • Single and multipoint calibration
  • Robust design allows usage in production control and laboratory
  • Low maintenance

EasyCheck - Fully Automated Hardness Testing

June 13, 2024

Fully automatic hardness testing

EasyCheck is the new entry-level tablet combination tester that tests for up to 5 parameters. The compact system is 100% compliant with all common pharmacopeias, and excels, above all, through innovative design features and a clear focus on essentials: Its integrated load cell automatically weighs samples, the Oblong Slider® automatically brings evenly shaped oblongs into perfect alignment, and the intuitive touch display allows storage of up to 100 products/methods. The EasyCheck offers a test memory for up to 1 million test results directly on the unit, a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant audit trail light feature and a data export function to CSV- and XML-format.

EasyCheck is your entry-level device for easy, fully automatic and highly precise testing for up to 5 parameters!

EasyCheck is offered in two configuration variants: "basic“ and "Pro“. Both variants are fully focused on our customers‘ requirements. EasyCheck Basic enables testing of round tablets, determining the weight, thickness, diameter and hardness of the tablets and attributing these values to a specific tablet. EasyCheck Pro is suitable for testing round tablets as well as evenly shaped oblongs, additionally offering the capability to measure length. Our sales team will be pleased to discuss the configuration best suited to your laboratory.

Intuitive operation

In the development of the EasyCheck touch display we focused on those features which users find most important: Easy and uncomplicated creation, starting and documenting of test methods. The highly intuitive touch display enables the unit‘s complex functions to be operated and controlled with maximum ease of operation. Measurements can be launched and displayed quickly and easily. For convenient data input (e.g. in order to create new products) the unit now also offers support for USB keyboards – which significantly facilitates data management directly from the device itself.

Storage of test results!

By default, the unit stores 100 products/methods and has a product memory that can hold up to 1 million test results – enabling results from earlier tests to be re-called whenever required.

In addition, extensive integrated calibration functions and the Audit Trail Light feature (logging What, Who, When) ensures that you have access to precise test results and extensive documentation of all working steps at all time - highest user convenience combined with powerful functionality.

Brochure & Product Specifications Download

Carbon / Hydrogen / Sulfur Analyzer CHS-580A

June 4, 2024

ELTRA‘s CHS-580A is the ideal analyzer for the simultaneous determination of carbon, hydrogen, and sulfur in organic samples.

ELTRA’s 580A analyzers (A = Autoloader) are equipped with an automatic sample loader, allowing for analysis of large numbers of samples without operator intervention. The sample loader is available in two versions to accommodate 36 or 130 crucibles. The CHS-580A is based on the technology of the CHS-580 analyzer and features a vertical resistance furnace with ceramic tube.

The temperature can be set in steps of 1 °C to a maximum of 1,550 °C. Thanks to sample weights of up to 500 mg and more even inhomogeneous materials can be reliably analyzed. The analyzer can be equipped with up to three independent infrared cells according to the user’s requirements, allowing for a great variety of applications.

Product Advantages

  • simultaneous carbon, sulfur and hydrogen determination with minimal sample preparation
  • wide range of organic materials can be analyzed
  • rapid, precise, accurate and reliable element determination
  • resistance furnace can be set up to 1550 °C in steps of 1 °C
  • customized infrared cells provide wide, dynamic measuring range
  • due to gold IR path, increased cell live time for analysis of halogen or acid containig samples
  • powerful software (multilingual, customized display, export of results)
  • single and multipoint calibration
  • low maintenance
  • robust design allows usage in production control and laboratory


FitoClima Bio Chambers

June 4, 2024

Aralab is a company that specializes in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of environmental testing chambers and equipment for various industries, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food, and cosmetics. Aralab's product range includes climate chambers, stability chambers, plant growth chambers, and other specialized environmental testing chambers. These chambers are used for simulating and controlling environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, light, and CO2 levels, enabling researchers and manufacturers to conduct experiments, tests, and studies under controlled conditions.

Aralab's environmental chambers are utilized in a wide range of applications, including stability testing of pharmaceuticals, research on plant growth and development, testing of food and beverages, and evaluation of cosmetic products. The company is known for its commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation in providing solutions for environmental testing needs.


• Ready to use. No assembly needed
• Minimal footprint for efficient use of laboratory space
• Adaptive future proof design, with easily removable and height adjustable shelves and changeable
lightcanopies with multiple intensities
• Wide temperature and humidity working ranges
• Research protection, with configurable temperature& humidity alarms and automatic remote notifications
• Stainless steel interior for maximum durability and ease of cleaning
• Multiple lighting options to suite any research requirements and stages of plant development
• Certified ISO:9001 for its Quality Management System

Applications Include:

• Plant Growth
• Tissue Culture / In-Vitro
• Arabidopsis
• Germination
• Algae Research
• Entomology
• Insect Rearing

easyFILL - Sample Preparation Workflow

June 4, 2024

Sample preparation is a central part of elemental analysis and includes several manual and time consuming steps. Sample weighing, reagent addition, vessel handling, dilution, and cleaning areall processes that impact lab workflow and operator time.

Since its inception, Milestone has been actively addressing these challenges. Vessel handling has been dramatically reduced with the use of Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) microwave systems (ultraWAVE and ultraCLAVE). Vessel cleaning has become more efficient with acid steam cleaning technology (traceCLEAN) or can be even eliminated by using disposable glass vials in the SRC-based systems.

Reagent additionand dilution are other steps that involve operator time,in addition to risk of contamination and exposure to concentrated acid. The easyFILL Automated Dosing Station addresses these latter challenges using a single platform that ensures superior workflow for thelab and higher safety for the operator.

easyFILL is fully controlled by a touch screen terminal with customized software. For routine processes the operator simply recalls a stored method with the type and volume of reagents as well as the number of positions in use. Availability of the reagents in the bottles and the waste volume are tracked by the software, so that the operator knows when it is time to refresh a reagent bottle or empty the waste tank. Moreover the software integrates a guided procedure to calibrate the pump, in just few minutes.

easyFILL offers great flexibility with a wide variety of racks to accommodate most digestion vessels and even two sets simultaneously such as twoultraWAVEracks. The system handles up to six reagents at a time (such as HNO3, H2O2, HCl, HF) matching most application needs. easyFILL comes into play before the digestion for acid addition and after for pre-dilution or for acidification of the digested solutions. Moreover, easyFILL is compatible with ICP autosampler racks to avoid additional handling.

The dispensing accuracy of the easyFILL pump ensures great reproducibility, while the handsoff approach and the use of high-purity PTFE for all the acid lines avoids risk of contamination. Moreover, the automatic cleaning of the lines, built into the sequence, avoids contamination when different reagents are dosed.

Handling of concentrated acids and the use of pipettes under a fume hood could expose the operator to the acids. easyFILL automates these processes and avoids acid handling. The built-in exhaust further enhances the safety of operations by diverting any acid vapours to the lab extraction system.