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APS-7450V Volumetric Sample Prep Station

APS-7450V Volumetric Sample Prep Station

Teledyne Labs | Sample Preparation - Organic, Chemical Identification

The APS-7450V is made to keep pace with the increased speed of wear metals labs, where analysis time is often shorter than 30 seconds per sample, by simply and quickly handling the dilution step in less time.

Maintain sample integrity: A drip cup travels with the probe as it moves over the sample tubes to collect any sample droplets, preventing cross contamination.

Sample homogenization: Sample mixing is acheived by close proximity, high acceleration diluent addition. This concussive mixing method works well across a wide range of sample types.

Customize sample routines: The OilEase™ software makes it easy to create custom methods and apply them to specific samples in a sequence. Daily work can be started with only three clicks.

Simplify preparations: The onboard density correction option adjusts the volume of sample diluent added to account for the density difference in standard and diluent solutions. This allows users to maintain optimal speed while improving sample accuracy.

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