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APS-7650G Gravimetric Sample Prep Station

APS-7650G Gravimetric Sample Prep Station

Teledyne Labs | Sample Preparation - Organic, Chemical Identification

Automate ASTM D5185 and ASTM D4951 with the APS-7650G Gravimetric Sample Prep Station

  • Integrated pipettor for zero carryover
  • Import/export sample information
  • User friendly OilEase™ software
  • Dilution range 10-100x
  • Sample viscosities up to 1000 cSt
  • Accurate to ± 0.1 mg
  • Automatically dilutes samples by
    weight on integrated balance

Simplify preparations

The fully automated system replicates manual dilution step-by-step, from the vial gripper, to the scale to the mixer. It even records sample data for direct import into the ICP software.

Smart sample handling

Customizable vortex mixing homogenizes samples thoroughly and quickly. Intelligent sample dispensing automatically adjusts for different viscosity samples.

Maintain sample integrity

The system uses a fresh pipette tip for every dilution, just like you do by hand. Active drip retention technology prevents cross contamination and spills.

Customize sample routines

The OilEase software makes it easy to create custom methods and apply them to specific samples in a sequence​.​​

Let people be people!

The best feature of the APS-7650G system is the labor it saves. With the time-consuming sample dilution process automated, your team is freed up to put their minds to other tasks in the lab​.

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