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BELPORE Mercury Porosimeter Series

BELPORE Mercury Porosimeter Series

Microtrac MRB | Surface Area and Pore Size, Testing and Analysis

The BELPORE mercury porosimeter series for low-pressure (LP), medium-pressure (MP) and high-pressure (HP) reliably and reproducibly measures pore diameters from 1mm to 3.6nm.

The knowledge of porosity, pore sizes and pore volume is of fundamental importance for the characterization of porous materials. Mercury porosimetry is the most widely used method for determining the pore size distribution of accessible macro- and mesopores in solids.

The technique is based on the pressure-dependent intrusion of mercury as a non-wetting liquid into a porous material. Using the Washburn equation, the corresponding pore size is calculated from the applied pressure.

Microtrac MRB, as a provider of state-of-the-art solutions in the field of particle characterization and gas adsorption, has now expanded its extensive portfolio with a series of devices specifically for the field of mercury porosimetry.

The BELPORE porosimeter series consists of state-of-the-art instruments for measuring pore size distribution, pore volume, specific surface area, porosity, density and particle distribution of finely divided and porous materials.


  • Fully automatic vertical filling under constantly high vacuum
  • High resolution enables detection of up to 20,000 measuring points
  • Safe and full functionality without gas connection and liquid nitrogen
  • Low space requirement due to compact design
  • Vertical arrangement of the dilatometers ensures safe handling
  • Efficient re-use of mercury via cleaning set
  • All devices are CE-certified

The three mercury porosimeters from Microtrac MRB cover different pore ranges:

  • BELPORE LP (1,000 - 3.25 µm)
    Degassing, Hg filling, low-pressure porosimetry
  • BELPORE MP (15 - 0.0065 µm)
  • BELPORE HP (15 - 0.0036 µm)
    MP & HP: High-pressure porosimetry

BELPORE Series Brochure

Technical Note: Pore Structure Analysis of Hardened Cement


The BELPORE series consists of the safest and most versatile mercury intrusion porosimeters on the market. Greatly improved, its roots reach back to the discontinued Pascal Evo (140, 240 and 440) series, formerly distributed by Thermo Fisher and Porotec.

The new BELPORE product range is now exclusively available via Microtrac MRB and distributed in Canada by ATS Scientific Inc.


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