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Microtrac MRB | Sample Preparation - Inorganic, Surface Area and Pore Size, Density

BELPYCNO L is a fully automated gas pycnometer for the determination of volume and skeleton density of powders, granulates, porous materials, mixtures, pastes and liquids. The combination of an internal temperature control and an absolute pressure transducer compensates any influences from ambient temperature and pressure fluctuations.

The gas pycnometer replaces the classical method of liquid displacement, utilizing a probing gas such as Helium which can reach even the smallest pores with less than one nanometer in diameter. Thus, the density of powders and porous materials can be determined exactly.

The gas pycnometer works as a standalone instrument or by connecting it to a computer. The included software is easy to use and offers full control and a wide array of functions, from programming the computer to the report and storage of analytical data and results. Additonally, the computed volume and density are displayed in-situ for each measurement step.

Gas Pycnometer

  • Built-in linearized absolute pressure transducer
  • Sample cell and reference volumes are separated from the electronics
  • Built-in accurate ATC (Automatic Temperature Control)
  • Short measurement time and fast system stabilization
  • Unrivalled reproducibility of results

Accurate Density Determination for Various Applications:

The BELPYCNO L gas pycnometer is equipped with up to 3 reference chamber volumes (20, 40 and 60 cm3) in order to give the best performance in combination with the chosen sample chamber (4, 20, 40, 60, 100 and 135 cm3). Independent of ambient temperature and pressure variations, the pycnometer allows density measurements which are not limited by time consuming calibration procedures.

Once calibrated the gas pycnometer carries out the analysis without any concerns. No contamination risks due to gas loading from reference chamber (high pressure) into sample chamber (low pressure), supported by programmable discharge restriction and easy use of paper filters. Variable loading pressure permits the analysis of foams and compressible samples.

The gas pycnometer BELPYCNO L is suitable for the density measurement of a wide range of applications: powders, wood, building materials, catalysts, liquids and pastes, activated carbon, food, pharmaceuticals, ... and many others!

Technical specifications:

Reference chamber volumes Approx. 20 cm³, 40 cm³ and 60 cm³
Sample chamber volumes Approx. 4 cm³, 20 cm³, 40 cm³, 60 cm³, 100 cm³ and 135 cm³
Probe gas Helium (other inert gases possible)
Control Integrated micro processor
Keyboard Alphanumeric foil
Display 4-line 40 characters LCD-display with back light
Pre-treatment Flow, programmable purge cycles optional with vacuum preparation
Temperature 14° C to 40° C (optional 60° C with external oven) resolution: ± 0.01° C
Pressure transducer 0.001 kPa displayed resolution
AD-Converter 19 Bit
Accuracy 0.01 %F.S + 0.02%R
Reproducibility 0.02 %F.S
Vacuum connector KF-10
Interfaces 2 x serial (ext. balance, PC-data transfer) 1x parallel (printer)
Sensor (optional) Humidity


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