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Microtrac MRB | Surface Area and Pore Size, Gas Analyzers

From Beginner to Professional: Simple, Flexible & Highly Accurate Characterization of Porous Materials

Microtrac MRB’s BELSORP MAX II is a versatile instrument that measures specific surface area, pore size distribution, gas and vapor adsorption, and chemisorption. The instrument is used for comprehensive characterization of surfaces including BET surface area and micropore analysis by measuring adsorption isotherms from extremely low pressures. Organic vapor sorption hydrophilicity / hydrophobicity characterization through water vapor adsorption, and chemisorption measurements are also supported.

Proprietary technology is used to carefully control temperature within the BELSORP MAX II, from the heated manifold block (50°C, opt. 80 °C) and air bath to the sample, while electropolished gas / vapor lines prevent surface wetting and corrosion. Pneumatic valves and VCR metal gaskets minimize leakage or outgassing under high vacuum, and up to four ports are available for high-throughput measurements that can be further accelerated using our proprietary Gas & Vapor Dosing Optimization (GDO) algorithm.


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