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Microtrac MRB | Surface Area and Pore Size

The BELSORP MINI X measures the specific surface area/pore size distribution by volumetric gas adsorption technique. Microtrac's unique dead volume evaluation method (AFSM) ensures highly accurate and reproducible measurements free of environmental impact. This compact model analyzes up to 4 samples simultaneously with the highest level of precision and reproducibility worldwide. The measurement time is drastically reduced compared to other models.


Simultaneous measurement of up to 4 samples with high precision at 1.5x throughput
Dedicated exhaust valve and improved software considerably reduce measurement time
[NEW] Speedy measurement with optimum gas dosing (GDO) based on adsorption isotherm data from previous sample measurement.

Automatic measurement of adsorption isotherms according to minimum condition settings
Equipped with AFSMTM for increased measurement precision and reproducibility (Domestic patent: #3756919 / US Patent: 6,595,036)

Adsorption isotherm measurement of various gases over a wide range of temperatures
[NEW] Measurement progress checks in the software improve working efficiency.
Convenient attachment/detachment of temperature devices (such as Dewar vessels) ensures easy handling.
Improved maintenance software allows for performance monitoring of each part.
[NEW] The world's smallest and most lightweight instrument.

Conforming to JIS Z8830, Z8831-2, K6217-7 and ISO 9277, 15901-2, 18852.NEW = New function of BELSORP MINI X


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