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BELSORP MR1 BET Surface Area Analyzer

BELSORP MR1 BET Surface Area Analyzer

Microtrac MRB | Surface Area and Pore Size, Polarimeters

The BELSORP MR1 is designed for rapid and convenient BET single-point measurement.

Highly efficient measurement

Simultaneous pre-treatment and measurement improve process efficiency.
BET single-point measurement of specific surface area possible in approx. 15 mins (including calibration).

Highly accurate measurement

  • AUTO-ZERO function is equipped with a highly sensitive thermal conductivity detector (TCD)
  • High accuracy, high sensitivity, high reproducibility
  • A dedicated calibration valve enables simple and stable calibration measurements
  • Automatic measurement of temperature and pressure for accurate calibration.

Easy Operability

  • Easy handling thanks to an automatic Dewar elevator and a cooling fan
  • User-friendly touch panel
  • Measurement results and trend data can be saved to a USB memory drive
  • Compact design without external PC

Technical Data

Measurement principle

Dynamic flow gas method (Single point BET)


Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD)

Adsorption gas

N2 / Kr

Carrier gas


Number of measured samples


Pretreatment temperature

Up to 400°C

Measurement range

0.01 m2/g and above


within ±1.0%

Measurement time

Approx. 15 minutes (including calibration, excluding pretreatment time)

Dimensions (W x H x D)

350 x 553 x 368 mm

Weight (main body)

30 kg

Utility - Power

AC 100 - 120 V / AC 200 - 240 V, 400 W, 50 / 60 Hz

CE certified



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