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Carbon / Sulfur Analyzer ELEMENTRAC CS-i

Carbon / Sulfur Analyzer ELEMENTRAC CS-i

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The new carbon / sulfur analyzer ELEMENTRAC CS-i was developed for the accurate and safe analysis of carbon and sulfur in inorganic samples. The analyzer is equipped with a powerful induction furnace for sample combustion.

Up to four highly sensitive infrared (IR) cells allow the analyzer to determine both high and low carbon and sulfur concentrations in only one measurement run. The measuring range of each cell may be adapted to the user's specific requirements to ensure optimum measuring conditions for each application. 

The analyzer is supplied with the new comprehensive and convenient ELEMENTS software, which features statistics, groupings, reports, diagnosis tools and many additional functions for ELEMENTRAC analyzers.

Product Advantages

  • simultaneous carbon and sulfur determination with minimal sample preparationProduct Advantages
  • wide range of inorganic materials can be analyzed
  • freely selectable configuration of each IR cell
  • optional gold IR path for analysis of halogen or acid containing samples
  • control of induction performance provides more precise analysis of samples with low melting temperature
  • powerful (2.2 kW) induction furnace for temperatures above 2,000 °C
  • NEW: automatic vacuum cleaning system ensures higher measurement precision and stability
  • heated and easily accessible dust trap allows for improved sulfur detection
  • optimized catalyst reactor permits more accurate carbon detection
  • NEW: ELEMENTS software with comprehensive analysis and diagnosis tools (supporting data and application export, comment fields, and many more)
  • single and multipoint calibration
  • low maintenance
  • robust design allows usage in production control and laboratory


Measured elements: Carbon, Sulfur
Samples: inorganic
Furnace alignment: vertical
Sample carrier: ceramic crucibles
Field of application: construction materials, engineering / electronics, geology / mining, glass / ceramics, steel / metallurgy
Furnace: induction furnace, above 2,000 °C
Detection method: solid state infrared absorption
Number of IR cells: 1 - 4
Material of IR path: aluminum (optional gold)
Typical analysis time; 40 seconds (nominal)
Chemicals required: magnesium perchlorate, platinum-based catalyst, sodium hydroxide
Gas required: compressed air (4 bar/ 60 psi), oxygen 99.5 % pure (2 - 4 bar / 30 - 60 psi)
Power requirements: 230 V, 50/60 Hz, max. 15 A, 3450 W
Dimensions: (W x H x D) 52 x 84 x 75 cm
Weight: ~ 150 kg
Required equipment: balance (resolution 0.0001g), monitor, PC
Optional accessories: Autoloader (for 36 or 130 crucibles), carrier gas purification, halogen trap, HTF-540 pre-heating furnace, voltage stabilizer 5 KVA

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