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Digital Density Meter - DS7000 Series

Digital Density Meter - DS7000 Series

A. KRÜSS Optronic GmbH | Density Meters

Introducing A. KRÜSS Optronic's DS7000 Series of Digital Laboratory Density Meters for fast, accurate measurement.

A.KRÜSS Optronic is a leading manufacturer of high-precision measuring devices who have developed digital density meters featuring U-tube oscillators that best meet the requirements in terms of accuracy, speed, required sample volume and ease of integration into the manufacturing process.

This method takes advantage of the fact that the oscillation frequency of a body is a function of its mass. A U-shaped capillary is filled with the liquid sample and piezoelectric or magnetic oscillations are induced. The mass and thus the densityof the sample can be calculated from the resulting eigenfrequencyof the U-tube oscillator.

Density meters using the oscillating U-tubemethod allow for a highly accurate measurement at a controlled temperature and with easily reproducible results within minutes, require a sample volume of no more than 1ml and are easy to handle.

The density meter DS7000 series can be operated as follows:

• with drying unit DS7050 (for manual filling)
• with drying unit DS7050 and peristaltic pump DS7070
• with drying unit DS7060 and peristaltic pump DS7070

The peristaltic pump DS7070 with drying unit (DS7050/DS7060) enables semi-automatic sample filling with subsequent cleaning and drying of the frequency oscillator. If drying unit DS7060 is connected, unplugging and plugging-in is not necessary for drying the frequency oscillator with the 3/2 way butterfly valve.

The control and entry of parameters is effected via the density meter. The flow rate can be adjusted directly using the variable rotation speed. A time-controlled start/stop mode enables the dosage of fixed volumes.

The DS7000 makes use of frequency oscillators consisting of glass - inspection of the bubble-free filled frequency oscillator is possible through a window.The sample to be measured is filled into the measurement chamber using a Luerdisposable syringe or with the help of the peristaltic pump and is tempered with the
internal Peltier temperature control.

The measurement is started by pressing the button, the density meter waits until the sample has reached the desired temperature and automatically starts the sample measurement. The results are shown on the display and are saved in a data bank.If required, the results can be printed and exported.

The density meter is intended for use in FDA-regulated areas through GLP compliance, built-in user administration and complete network capability for simple integration intothe laboratory environment and connection to a LIMS. All data (measured values, parameters and methods) are organised in an SQL database.

Selected results can be exported in Excel/HTML format onto a USB stick and a firmware update can be carried out easily using a USB stick.

Features at a Glance:

• Measurement according to the frequency oscillator method
• Bright touchscreen display with intuitive operation in 6 languages
• Quick, efficient measurement within minutes (typically 1-3min) plus tempering
• Very efficient, integrated Peltier tempering (10-40 °C) with high accuracy
• Drying unit and peristaltic pump including filling via integrated peristaltic pump orsyringe possible
• Sample resistance: All parts that are in contact with samples consist of glass and PTFE.
• Compact powder-coated metal housing including integrated air pressure sensor
• Low costs for consumables
• Output of all important measuring data
• User administration with optional password protection and 2 authorisation levels
• Integrated SQL database for information storage
• USB interface for data export and firmware updates as well as connection of keyboardor barcode scanner
• RS-232 interface for a serial printer
• Ethernet interface for direct connection to the PC (remote monitoring via internetpossible)
• PDF export

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