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Ethos X Microwave Extraction System

Ethos X Microwave Extraction System

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The ETHOS X represents the state of the art in closed vessel microwave-assisted extraction. Unmatched design quality and technology has resulted in the safest, most versatile, and highest performing system available. Superior vessel design, combined with more precise temperature control and the most powerful software delivers better extraction results than any other closed vessel system - whatever the sample type.


  • Speed -Microwave extractions can be completed within minutes—a fraction of the time, compared to older methods.
  • Economy -Lower solvent usage reduces the costs of solvent purchase and disposal.
  • Effectiveness -Microwave extraction produces higher analyte recoveries than older methods.
  • Simplicity - Use polar or non-polar solvents; no need to modify your existing chemistry.
  • Consistency - Precise, software-based control of all reaction parameters (including time and extraction temperature) ensures method reproducibility.
  • ‘Vent-and-reseal’ vessels are the foundation of Milestone’s microwave technology. Continuously enhanced, this patented technology provides analysts with unsurpassed performance capabilities.
  • Highest temperature and pressure
  • Fast air cooling

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