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Gemmological Stereo-Microscopes

Gemmological Stereo-Microscopes

A. KRÜSS Optronic GmbH | Gemmological Stereo-Microscopes

A stereo microscope is sometimes mistaken for a simple binocular microscope.The binocular microscope produces an image with only one objective and makes it visible to both eyes.The stereo microscope, on the other hand, is a special lightmicroscope in which a separate beam path is provided forboth eyes.

Both eyes therefore see the stone under examination from a slightly different angle, so that a stereo effect occurs. The human brain combines the two images into a single image with some depth. This creates an almost spatial impression, which is the reason for the name stereo (two-channel) microscope. This almost three-dimensional impression when viewing facilitates many examinations in gemmology.

*All A.KRÜSS microscopes are stereo microscopes.

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