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High Shear Fluid Processor Microfluidizer LM 10

High Shear Fluid Processor Microfluidizer LM 10

Microfluidics | Materials Processing

LM 10 - Digitally Controlled High Shear Fluid Processor lab unit- Ideal for small sample volume material processing

The LM 10 Microfluidizer maintains consistent pressure of all materials introduced into the system and guarantees consistent treatment of the entire volume . Whether working with small lab samples to production volumes, the Microfluidizer is unmatched in submicron size reduction/ disruption product yield and guaranteed process scale up.

Is ideally suited for materials including: Emulsions, Dispersions, Liposomes and Cell Disruptions or even fineparticle deagglomeration.

Key Features:

  • Achieve unmatched size reduction/ disruption performance at lower process pressures
  • Minimal sample temperature rise during processing
  • Higher product yields after sterile filtration with tighter particle size distributions
  • Linear volumetric scale-up reduces development time in pilot or production
  • Enhanced repeatability
  • Improved experimental readability with real-time temperature monitoring

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