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MultiCheck 6 Fully Automated Tablet Hardness Testing Solution

MultiCheck 6 Fully Automated Tablet Hardness Testing Solution

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The next step

New technologies for a quiet all-rounder.

The MultiCheck 6 offers ease of operation, maximum efficiency and enhanced operator convenience. This fully automatic combination tester is packed with innovative technology: The intuitive touch display with integrated MC.NET software functionality, the capsule weight measurement system and the patented Oblong Navigator® are only some of the innovative features. In addition, the MultiCheck 6 provides an unsurpassed low noise level and cleanest operation in its class.

Proven features have been retained: MultiCheck 6 can test up to five tablet parameters, fully automated and 100 % compliant with all pharmacopoeias around the world: A true all-rounder.

Capsule weight measurement

With its empty capsule weight measurement system, MultiCheck 6 is able to determine capsule weight and automatically deduct the weight of the empty capsule from the weight of filled capsules. Direct ejection immediately after weight measurement speeds up the measuring process.

Oblong Navigator®

With the patented turntable technology odd-shaped oblongs and tablets can be correctly aligned and easily checked for diameter, width and length.

Touch display

The intuitive touch display allows for easy operation of the unit.

Direct measurement

Via the direct measurement menu tests can be started quickly with results immediately stored.

The MultiCheck 6 touch display

Convenient operation – broad feature set

During the development of the MultiCheck 6 touch display we focused on the features which users will find most useful: Easy and fast creation of methods, launching of tests and documentation of test results. The intuitive touch display enables easy operation of offered functions. Thanks to the integrated MC.NET software functions, measurements can be launched and results displayed directly on the unit.

Storage of test results!

By default, the unit stores 100 products/methods and has a product memory that can hold up to 1 million test results – enabling results from earlier tests to be re-called whenever required. In addition, extensive integrated calibration functions and the Audit Trail Light feature (logging What, Who, When) ensures that you have access to precise test results and extensive documentation of all working steps at all time - highest user convenience combined with powerful functionality.

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