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MultiVap 54 Automated Concentration System

MultiVap 54 Automated Concentration System

LabTech | Sample Preparation - Organic

The MultiVap 54, also known as "The Game Changer", is the latest multi-channel and multifunctional parallel instrument designed by LabTech, including all accessories and functions to ensure the highest standard of efficiency, speed, reliability, throughput and safety of any concentration process. Nitrogen sweeping, needle level adjustment and visible concentration process are only few of the advantages offered by MV54.

LabTech's MultiVap54 is the latest automatic nitrogen evaporator able to process up to 54 samples simultaneously. This advanced instrument allows automaticcontrol of both the nitrogen flow rate and the vertical lift of nitrogen needles. These uniquefeatures can greatly speed-up the vapour removal and maximize the solution surface area incontact with nitrogen gas, thus significantly saving nitrogen gas consumption and
improving evaporation efficiency. Meanwhile, MultiVap54 water bath temperature and N2 gasflow rate can be adjusted during the evaporation process depending on solvent boiling pointand volatility.

The experimental results presented in this article show that MultiVap54 is ableto simultaneously evaporate most of the extraction solvents in optimal experimentalconditions, making it a unique solution for all analytical laboratories.

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