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PYRO Microwave Ashing System

PYRO Microwave Ashing System

Milestone Inc | Sample Preparation - Inorganic

Introducing the Milestone PYRO

The PYRO is built to offer superior working conditions and a more efficient ashing procedure on a wide range of matrices. It incorporates, in a single platform, a rugged hardware, a reliable microwave-transparent muffle, an efficient exhaust, an accurate temperature control and a smart user interface.

The ashing process is done in conventional muffle furnaces that often offer inefficient, tedious, and time consuming procedures. The use of microwave heating for dry ashing applications represents a breakthrough in the process and quality control of samples like polymers, petroleum, food and feeds, pulp paper and pharmaceuticals.

The PYRO microwave muffle furnace, is available in three interchangeable configurations:

1.High Sample Throughput
2.Sulfated Ashing
3.Ultra-Fast Heating

The PYRO embraces the values and benefits of the green approach, in fact it offers more efficient heating and saves energy. The accurate microwave emission and the great insulating capacity of the microwave transparent muffle minimize energy waste. The PYRO can accomodate crucibles made of metal, quartz, porcelain, etc. However the use of these commonly available crucibles impact the overall ashing time due to the long cooling time in the desiccator. The Milestone ultraFAST crucibles are made of an innovative material that accelerates the ashing process by enhancing the airflow also through the crucible’s fibers. The negligible cooling time, only a few seconds from 1000°C to room temperature, further expedites the ashing procedure and removes the cooling time in the dessicator.


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