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Sulfur-in-Oil Analyzers SLFA-6000/6800 X-ray Fluorescence Series

Sulfur-in-Oil Analyzers SLFA-6000/6800 X-ray Fluorescence Series

HORIBA | Spectroscopy

The SLFA series are designed specifically to meet the recent demanding needs of measuring the new low sulfur fuels, diesel and RFG.

Using the X-ray fluorescence technique, fast and accurate measurements can be carried out in compliance with the ASTM D4294 method, either in the lab or in the field.

A detection limit of 5 ppm sulfur takes you to new realms of measurement sensitivity. HORIBAs high sensitivity analyzer makes quick, accurate measurements of petroleum fuel samples from very low to high sulfur concentrations - i.e., all the way from gasoline to heavy fuel oils.

The SLFA series model 6800 features an automated turntable to measure up to eight samples unattended, while the SLFA-6000 is a single-sample version.


  • Wide measurement range (0-9.999%) is acceptable for very small content as in diesel oil or high sulfur content as in heavy oil. 
  • Calibration graphs have been extended and the analyzer selects automatically out of seven scales (0.002/0.01/0.05/…/10%).
  • High precision measurement (Repeatability:1.6ppm, Lower detection limit: 5ppm) Due to the miniature X-ray tube, extremely precise results can be achieved without purging of He or another gas. This system also includes a correction function for temperature and atmospheric pressure without He purge.
  • SLFA-2800 is equipped with a turntable, for sequential measuring of up to eight samples.

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