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Microtrac MRB | Particle Size Analysis

For the accurate determination of the zeta potential and colloidal stability, the STABINO ZETA is the first choice. It can replace the classical zeta potential measurement and is able to perform very fast titrations.

Nowadays, particle surface charge and interface potentials, such as the zeta potential and the streaming potential, are widely used to characterize the stability of suspensions, emulsions and nanoparticles. These parameters have established as a typical measure representing the electrostatic repulsion between particles.

The STABINO ZETA has a high resolution and data point density, which allows very fast, precise and reproducible zeta potential measurements. It is possible to measure the zeta potential of particles in the range of 0.3 nm to 300 µm in a concentration range of up to 40 volume percent. Regarding the optimized measurement technology, the STABINO ZETA can measure up to 5 parameters simultaneously and within a few seconds: Zeta potential, streaming potential, conductivity, pH value, and temperature. In combination with our unique NANOTRAC FLEX, the particle size can also be measured as a sixth parameter simultaneously in the same sample.

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