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SVM II 5-in-1 Tapped Density Tester

SVM II 5-in-1 Tapped Density Tester

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The SVM II is our latest generation of tapped density tester. With unprecedented flexbility and intelligent features, it makes tapped density testing as easy and reliable as never before.

The 7“ high resolution touch display with a modern user interface focuses the user on the most important task the new SVM II has to fullfill - 100% USP/EP compliant tapped density testing. With the automatic calculation features of the TestAssist, the user is guided step-by-step through the testing process as quickly as possible. It also automatically calculates the Hausner Ratio and compressibility index and prints the reports after every test.

In addition to its ease of use, the SVM II is the most flexible tapped density tester we ever built. The newly designed SwitchPlate system enables 5 different versions of the SVM II, with both USP 1 and USP 2 in either one or two test station configurations or a combination with both methods. And the best part - they can also be upgraded at a later time point!

SVM II also supports a variety of method and norms: From USP 1 and USP 2 to ASTM B527-15 and DIN EN ISO 787-11:1995 - with the SVM II, users are on the safe side of valid and conform tapped density testing.

The new SVM II offers the same flexibility as its 5 predecessor models. It can test for USP method 1 and method 2 and can be equipped with either one or two test stations of the same method or a combination of both. Optional changing from one variant to another can be done by the user within minutes. This makes the SVM II the most flexible tapped density tester we ever built.

The SVM II Touch Interface with TestAssist

The touch interface of the SVM II focuses the user on the most important task to be done with the SVM II: tapped density testing. The central part is the TestAssist, an intelligent assistant with realtime feasability checks that provides support and guarantees the conformity of the entered parameters according to USP/EP/JP. Tapped density testing thus becomes simple and safe. But we didn‘t stop at TestAssist - all other functions, such as the control panel, the qualification menu or the service menu, are also designed to connect user and hardware as quickly as possible.

TestAssist - Tapped density testing easier than ever!

TestAssist is a comprehensive, yet simple wizard for the quick execution of tapped density testing. The user is guided step by step through the parameterisation, whereby incorrect entries are prevented by TestAssist. As soon as the tapped density test is running, the test screen displays all important status information about the test at any time.

When testing according to USP methods, TestAssist prompts the user to enter the required values. Afterwards, it then computes the results for Tapped Density, Hausner Ratio and Compressibility Index completly automatically.

With the help of the intelligent TestAssist, tapped density testing is as easy and fast as ever before!

Five plates for one tester!

ERWEKA offers five different SwitchPlates including a license key to purchase with the new SVM II. All SwitchPlates can be interchanged, if requirements change, it is possible to upgrade every SVM II with a new SwitchPlate.

The new SwitchPlate system offers maximum flexibility and makes every SVM II absolutely futureproof!

Installing a SVM II SwitchPlate is a two step process - first the user changes the plate on the SVM II by fixing it with 6 small screws. The next step is done in the configuration panel - the activation code needs to be entered, which is part of the purchase of a SwitchPlate. This activates the specific SwitchPlate in the TestAssist and report engine of the SMV II.

The following SwitchPlates are available:

Switch Plates

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