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DEMO UDK 159 Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer

DEMO UDK 159 Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer

VELP Scientifica | Clearance Equipment

Demo unit refurbished to manufacturer's specifications.

Fully automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer (distillation unit with integrated colorimetric titrator), for determination ofammoniacal nitrogen, protein determination, nitrogen content (Kjeldahl or direct alkaline distillation), nitric nitrogen (after reduction/Devarda), phenols, volatile acids, cyanides and alcohol content.

UDK 159combines distillation with analysis.

Automated Operation

  • Programmable boric acid, water, sodium hydroxide addition
  • Not necessary to set distillation time when titrating
  • Incorporates an AOAC recommended colorimetric titrator
  • Selectable steam generation output level 10% – 100%
  • Auto removal of residues from titrator & sample tube

31 kg / 68.3 lb

385x780x416 mm (15.2x30.7x16.4 in)


90 day warranty

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