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Water Chillers

Water Chillers

LabTech | Water Chillers

One of the most successful LabTech lines is now enhanced with a new lightweight portable chiller. Theinstrument conjugates excellent cooling capabilities with portability and compactness. Thanks to the lackof the compressor and the semiconductor refrigeration technology (Peltier cell) it is extremely light whiledelivering a cooling power of 240W at 25°C. The compact footprint allows to position it almost everywhere.

The temperature ranges from 5°C to 35°C with an accuracy of ±0.05°C. The bright LCD display can be seenfrom across the laboratory. High & low temperature and low liquid level alarms provide full safety. All this,along with a fl ow rate of 5L/min, a pressure of 0.4 bar and a tank volume of 0.6 L, makes the H50-240 the idealsolution for UV-VIS applications and all in need of a portable, effi cient and fl exible instrument.


• High energy effi ciency
• Operating cost reduction
• Accurate temperature
• Green lab conditions
• High quality components
• High performance

Water Chiller H50-240

Water Chiller H50-500

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