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Carbon / Sulfur Analyzer ELEMENTRAC CS-i

June 19, 2024

The elemental analyzer ELEMENTRAC CS-i measures the carbon and sulfur concentration in predominantly inorganic samples through combustion in an induction furnace and the subsequent analysis of the gaseous combustion products carbon dioxideand sulfur dioxide.

The high temperature of more than 2000 °C ensures complete decomposition of the sample and thus reliable and accurate elemental analysis over a wide concentration range.

The ELEMENTRAC CS-i meets and exceeds the requirements of all common standards for carbon and sulfur measurement, such as ASTM E1019, DIN EN ISO 153.

Product Advantages

  • Control of induction performance provides precise analysis of low-melting metals
  • Heated dust trap allows for improved sulfur detection
  • Platinum-based catalyst reactor ensures accurate carbon detection
  • Carrier gas flow optimized for dusty samples
  • Software-based leakage test
  • Optional vacuum system, also available with dust filter class H for potentially harmful samples
  • Single and multipoint calibration
  • Robust design allows usage in production control and laboratory
  • Low maintenance