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AIM™ Quick Change Mould System

AIM™ Quick Change Mould System

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The AIM™Quick Change Mould System is used worldwide in the Polymer industry. This Flexible mould system is designed to comply exactly with the internationally accepted ISO, ASTM or UL standards as used by CAMPUS® to produce test specimens such as; dogbone tensile or charpy impact tests and ensure global comparison of material properties.

The Quick change mould system and inserts can be configured to your exact needs for all sorts of test requirements.

The AIM™ mould inserts can be changed within seconds!

Low to high mould temperatures suitable for for all kind of (thermo)plastics, compounds and bio plastics

Thermo couples, cavity thermo/pressure sensors, proximity switches, shotcounters, runner swithches, engravings as logo’s can be added on your demand.

A variety of coatings are available for all kins of tribology purposes; e.g. scratch resistance, corrosion resistance and to improve demoulding of materials. This in cooperation with A-brand coating suppliers

All kinds of textures can be applied on inserts and mirrors; e.g. automotive reference standards or individual surface grains. This in cooperation with A-brand texture suppliers.

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